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Seitokai 生徒会 the Japanese student council

consiglio studentesco 3In Japan, the student council is called Seitokai 生徒会 and has an important role within schools. It is made up of students elected by their classmates (and other classes) and represent the students' interests at the school, among other useful and interesting activities. Many of you manga, anime or drama fans will have got to know him.

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Kokology Discover Personality Through a Game

kokologia test psicologici

 "Kokologia", a term that I came across by pure chance, and having studied psychology, aroused my interest, so much so that it pushed me to deepen. Let's find out what it is and why it is interesting from many points of view.

The word, in itself, is a neologism: it prefixes the Japanese term 心 , Kokoro, or "heart, mind, spirit, essence", and as a suffix λόγος, Logos, Greek, which means "to choose, tell, enumerate, study". That said, what is it?

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konkatsu 婚 活 The Battle for the Marriage of the Japanese


Never underestimate the Japanese when they are desperately trying to achieve something, including social and economic stability that allows them to be part of society. For example? Through marriage.
We are facing a social phenomenon that was born a few years ago, but which has crystallized and codified over the years. Just think that the word konkatsu of perse was used for the first time around 2007 and later revived a few years later in a publication, becoming the word among the most used in 2008.

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Kyōiku mama 教育ママ When maternal love leads to Obsession

Kyōiku mama 1

Kyōiku mama 教育ママ a phenomenon that in Japan has increasingly taken on the appearance of a plague. Imbued with pride, expectation, inconvenience (which often lead to self-harm or suicide) and even worse envy.
The term Kyōiku mama means a mother who force her child to intense study sections in an overwhelming way, without giving to him/her time for anything else and without allowing him/her to do anything else. This is to the detriment of the social and physical development of the child who also suffers from an emotional point of view, reaching extreme cases of self-closure or even worse in self-harm and suicide.

Society, Kyōiku mama, Mauro Piacentini

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