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Inemuri 居眠り and Nemuri-Jin the Japanese "Sleepers" of Folklore and the "Sleepers" of Today

inemuri 2
In Japanese folklore, there are numerous stories and legends about strange and mysterious creatures. One such creature is the "Nemuri", also known as the "Nemuri-jin" or "Sleeper". This fascinating character is the protagonist of stories that are rooted in Japanese culture and tradition, arousing curiosity and wonder among readers.

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Shinkansen 新幹線 the flagship of the Japanese Railways

shinkansenShinkansen 新幹線 is the name given to trains of Japan's high-speed rail service, it is also known as "bullet train" due to its tapered shape. Since it was first introduced in Japan at the Tokyo Olympics, it has since carried millions of people across the country, Japanese and tourists alike. An incredible experience that allows you to cross Japan in all its entirety (or almost).

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Pachinko パチンコ gambling among the most popular in Japan

Pachinko is a very popular game in Japan, where halls are present in every city. It is a gaming machine similar to slot machines, but with some differences that make it unique. A small paradox because Pachinko is a game of chance, but halls are springing up like mushrooms, why?

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Seifuku 制服 Japanese school uniforms

Uniforme scolastiche
Japanese school uniforms, called seifuku 制服, are an important part of Japanese school culture. They are compulsory uniforms for primary and secondary school students and are also used in some universities. But they have gone beyond the mere scholastic aspect, becoming a pop icon and beyond.

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