Seijin no Hi 成人の日 History, Celebrations and Curiosities. An ancient tradition that has been handed down

Seijin no Hi
Japanese culture brings with it centuries of traditions which over time have adapted to the society and trends of the time, one of these, among the most significant, is "Seijin no Hi" or Coming of Age Day. Let's find out more about this fascinating tradition that has been handed down for centuries.


How the Senpai 先輩 and Kōhai 後輩 Relationship Shapes Japanese Culture

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Japanese culture is rich in unique traditions and social nuances, many of which are reflected in interpersonal relationships. One of these is the unique and particular relationship that is created between Senpai and Kohai. This system of relationships is deeply rooted in Japanese society and is reflected in various areas, including schools/universities, companies, associations/clubs and in society.


Sentō 銭湯: A Journey through the Public Baths of Japan

sento bagno pubblico
The sento 銭湯,
 or Japanese public baths, are a fundamental element of Japanese culture, is possible find traces of them as early as the 6th century. These places are not only intended for personal cleansing or relaxation, but also serve as a social hub where people meet and chat. They are very well known in Japan and in the world. Outside Japan they are often remembered because they appear in many films, drama and anime and giving us an interesting insight into Japanese society.

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Inemuri 居眠り and Nemuri-Jin the Japanese "Sleepers" of Folklore and the "Sleepers" of Today

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In Japanese folklore, there are numerous stories and legends about strange and mysterious creatures. One such creature is the "Nemuri", also known as the "Nemuri-jin" or "Sleeper". This fascinating character is the protagonist of stories that are rooted in Japanese culture and tradition, arousing curiosity and wonder among readers.

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