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konkatsu 婚 活 The Battle for the Marriage of the Japanese


Never underestimate the Japanese when they are desperately trying to achieve something, including social and economic stability that allows them to be part of society. For example? Through marriage.
We are facing a social phenomenon that was born a few years ago, but which has crystallized and codified over the years. Just think that the word konkatsu of perse was used for the first time around 2007 and later revived a few years later in a publication, becoming the word among the most used in 2008.

A social and economic event that, as often happens, was taken head-on by the Japanese trying to govern it and use it to the full. But what is trivially meant by konkatsu, nothing more than parties, meetings and events organized for the real search for a partner to get married. It is not to be confused with the gōkon 合 コ ン, which we talked about in one of our articles, where in meetings you look for someone to get engaged or to hang out with. Here we are talking about real marriage.




The phenomenon has assumed such dimensions, also thanks to the natural search of the Japanese for stability and recognition as a "good member of society" that an industry and a thriving economy was born around this phenomenon. There are real businesses, firms and companies that organize these events in particular places, that manage the meetings and that favor couples, in some cases even taking care of the wedding in case the meeting is lucky.

As always, the Japanese are riding the wave and have made the search for a partner for marriage, or rather let me tell you about the search for marriage, an economy that is more than flourishing, growing rapidly and above all that knows no crisis. In recent years, when more and more Japanese remain single, or the age at which they marry has significantly increased, there is a thriving market that will help you, and often guarantees, to find the right partner for you for marriage.

As often happens with the Japanese, even these types of events have a precise codification, every step, action and result have been marked in order to arrive at the best result.
Once taken part in the event, and arrived at the place chosen for the initiative, the participant must identify himself with the organizers by providing his documents and participating in the compilation of a fact sheet which in addition to general data (name, surname, age and address) they contain some open or close questions to determine the personality of the participant, to profile his figure with the others who participate.

Once this is done, the participant will be able to start his adventure and research, and how? Through meetings with other participants that vary depending on the company that organized the event or the theme of this. So they can be 1 to 1 meetings or group meetings with speed dating (quick meetings of a few minutes) where you can meet different people, make yourself known and let people know something about themselves. The first impression is important and many play on this quick match in which you have to give your all not only to let people know what your personality is but also to identify someone who might interest you.

At this point, those who participate usually draw up a small list, 2 or 3 people who have impressed them and of whom they would like to know more, if your preference coincides with that of the person you have chosen then a copy is formed , who may have more time available for themselves, but above all to meet and continue even outside the event. And what if there are several similar couples since each person can choose 2 or 3 candidates? Then it opens up to "war" (pass me the term) because you will have to contend for the candidate.

Konkatsu drama


For those who are fond of movies and Drama (Japanese TV series) these scenes will be familiar. Yes, because even the world of entertainment has often taken from konkatsu using it in their scripts, forcing or sometimes caricaturing the very aspect of the event. Has this ever happened to you? I have seen some dramas that had either marginally, or even as their main element, these dynamics.



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