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Onsen A Passion not only for Japanese

onsen passione giapponese Onsen, terme, a word that brings you directly in Japan, with an adjective that can define it at best .... Fantastic. What are they, where to find them but above all the rules of good manners to hold once inside. A Japanese passion but not only. 
 Japan is fortunate to have many spas because of its geophysical configuration (the same, unfortunately, making it the target of many earthquakes).

The Onsen 温泉 that we find in many aspects of Japanese literature, one of the symbols of Japan itself, which also sees the protagonists in many anime, manga or drama.

The areas where we can find these magnificent spa attractions are many and scattered throughout the territory of Japan. cSi develop where the heat of the earth, through splits, back and being channeled creates these incredible "bathrooms" heated natural.


onsen passione giapponese map

Japan <-----> Onsen even more so for those have been Japan is almost an automatic association, though not always had the opportunity to experience this beautiful and unique experience.
It is not always easy to be able to enjoy the Onsen, the reasons can be many, some of them connected with the difficulty of using them to us foreigners, finding the right ones, but above all respect the good manners to keep inside (because unknown) .

Choosing the type of onsen is not always easy when you consider that in certain areas of Japan you can find a lot of them (not to mention the city of Beppu as it has many); choose the type of Onsen involves another problem (although for us foreigners look alike, they are not) because there are different types of onsen dependent on water (with various dissolved minerals), temperatures, and the structure (internal or external).

For temperatures these may vary depending on the type of the baths, but must never fall below 25 °C but may reach values ​​such as 35 °C or even about 43 °C, so pay attention, in the choice and in use :D.


They are the most scenic and beautiful, often outdoors can be found in natural areas or in hotels, and make direct use of the hot springs of the area. There are so many variations, and each one is fantastic in all seasons, do not condition it's summer or winter enjoy them.


onsen passione giapponese outdor



The internal ones are linked to hotel facilities or integrally to the structure of the baths. They are of evry type and form, interesting and relaxing and leave us a wide choice. There are classic ones with stones and rocks, the more elegant with wood finish, in short, a wide variety :)


onsen passione giapponese indoor



Before choosing the structure, the type of onsen and altroè well revise the general rules for education for the use of the place.
The first thing to do, even before entering the tanks is brushing, you have to wash before entering the tanks, this for hygienic reasons, but mainly out of respect for those who will follow us, showing the same education that others before us have had .

In all onsen has a place with small showers, where you can wash, a small stool to sit on and a "little hollow" that will serve to rinse. You will have liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner to be able to wash properly. Take your time without worry.


onsen passione giapponese 2

I write down, even if it seems unnecessary for most people, but in the onsen you go NAKED. I know someone will tell me "nice discovery .." but you don't know how many people asked if need the swimming suite to go there .... so better specify.

A thoroughly clean once you are ready to get into the tub. Relax, enjoy the incredible heat and respected those who are with you in the tub.
To help you look at this small, simple but very clear statement of the main rules and how to behave in any type of Onsen frequentiate:


onsen japan rule

There are few rules, most are simple rules of courtesy that have no boundaries, but it is often forgotten when you are out.

It can happen that in many Onsen find signs with the prohibition of entry and bathroom for people with tattoos. This is a controversial topic in Japan and in the recent years has seen substantial interventions by the operators of the facilities, with government interventions to acept also tourists who have tattoos.

Tattooing in Japan it is connected to those people related mostly to criminal organizations (yakuza), little criminals, why are badly considered. I have been to many spas and I noticed those signs, but I have to say that I have never had any problems despite having two tattoos, and the same is my brother.
Even the size of the tattoo, is important but some structures are quite open mind and understand that tattoos for Westerners have different meaning than for an Eastern.

It 'something to keep well in mind because you could be refused in some Onsen and discuss or get angry not going to help. In some places they may be asked to cover it, and for this reason there are solutions with patches or other, provided that they are small-medium sized.

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