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[Review] Okusama wa Majo 奥さまは魔女

okusamawa majyo 1


Japanese transposition of the famous series of the 60s / 70s "Bewitched" broadcast in America. The Japanese version is cute, funny and even if the situations are transported to Tokyo, it brings to mind situations and characters from the American cult series. Who doesn't know the American series that appeared on Italian televisions in the 60s and 70s with 8 seasons and 254 episodes, so long that throughout the series the first and second seasons are in black and white and the others later they are in colour.

Fun, particular, with themes that were taboo at the time, a mix of situations and moments that brightened up your day.


okusamawa majyo 2


Moving on to the Japanese version it's a nice surprise and like the American series, even if not with the same intensity due to the difference in years and context, it makes you have a good day.
Broadcast in Japan between April and March 2004 by TBS, lasting about 45 minutes per episode, it consists of 11 episodes plus a special. The series sees both protagonists and secondary characters actors that all Drama fans will recognize with pleasure.


Yonekura Ryoko
Matsui Arisa
松井 ありさ
Harada Taizo
Matsui Joji
松井 譲二
Natsuki Mari
Takenaka Naoto
Suzuki Ichio
鈴木 一夫
Muroi Shigeru
Suzuki Emko
Fuji Manami
Sasaki Kurako
佐々木 倉子
Maggy Shiro
Sasaki Shuzo
佐々木 周三
Ishikawa Asami
Nomo Shiori
野茂 詩織
Aoki Sayaka
Hasegawa Hiromi
長谷川 洋美
Shioya Shun
Kida Masaya
木田 正也
Kishida Kyoko
Yoshiyuki Kazuko
Matsui Sayo
松井 佐代
Nanami Hinata
日向 ななみ
Matsui Tsubasa (epi 10 & 11)
Tsugawa Masahiko
Padre di Arisa
Mizukawa Asami
"yukionna" (epi 4)
Waki Tomohiro
(epi 1)
Nakamura Tadashi


I enjoyed following this series shot in Tokyo, maybe because I saw and remembered the original series, but I wasn't disappointed. The characters, albeit transported to a different place and many years apart, work and as soon as you see them again you are reminded of the original ones and the situations they were in.

Even if you have never seen the original series, don't worry because you can enjoy watching this drama without problems, it is certainly not a masterpiece or a series that will become a cult, but it is fun, light, made for resting and having fun watching it.

The characters, or rather the actors, are known by those who follow Japanese dramas, and will find them again with pleasure in comic and funny parts. Then allow me a personal note :) , the leading actress, the one who plays the part of the witch, Yonekura Ryoko 米倉涼子 is very funny in this role, as well as being very beautiful :D


okusamawa majyo 3


To spend a few relaxing hours, having a few laughs, and enjoying a bit of 2004 Tokyo this series is more than suitable and I don't think it will disappoint you, even if the basic story is not very original, but being a transposition of the old American series it it's bad.

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