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Umaibō うまい棒 the Japanese Snack among the most popular in the world



I'm sure many of you will know it, it's often the protagonist in films, drama and especially anime. A really cheap snack that you won't want to stop eating.
The product was created in 1979 with a different name, but in the form and idea that we find today. They wanted to create a snack aimed especially at young people that had a really low price. And so it was if you think that usually these snacks are sold individually around 10-12 yen, they are corn based bars but you'll often see bags on offer with multiple bars of different flavors.


umaibo 2


The change to date is of little consequence, the bars are a little smaller, the shape is more rounded but above all, and this is what we are looking for in this snack, the combinations of flavors have increased (it started with the taste classic with cheese) reaching as many as sixty variations, some of which can be found in specific areas of Japan, such as honey in shizuoka, or the classic okonomiyaki in kansai, etc.




There is not much to say about this product, it's very simple but it has become part of the popular culture of Japan, you'll find it everywhere, in supermarkets, at kombini, and especially at Don Quijote where you can take home bags of Umaibō for your happiness.

The first time I saw them was in one of my favorite dramas, akihabara @ deep, and I found them interesting and promised myself to try them next time I went to Japan, and so I did. Honestly, I remain tied more to the classic flavors, although I try some of the variables (some with really strange tastes) I remain faithful to the classic cheese taste.




Have you ever tried them? I hope so, let me know in the comments. They are also so popular with tourists and foreigners that they are also easily found online, so you can try them out and go for a marathon with your friends between chips and Umaibō.



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