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In Japan you will be able to wear your Gacha Machine

Gacha toy capsule backpack
The Japanese (but not only them) passion for gacha machines takes a step forward by becoming "wearable". In your next trips to Japan, it may happen you'll come across something particular, a little anomalous to the eye, but we are still talking about Japan.

Pop Culture, Mauro Piacentini, Gacha Machine

Birth of manga ....... Japan or China

manga read image

For a large part of Manga and Anime fans it is indisputable and well known that they are of Japanese origin, however it is difficult to say when they were born exactly and they are really not the usual Chinese invention transposed to Japan,
as the "non-connoisseurs" claim? To answer these questions, I did a short research which I expose in this article.

Manga, Pop Culture, Samantha Sisto

Yami Kawaii: the Controversial Side of Harajuku


Few, very few, are the people in this world who, in front of a sparkling, dazzling, inviting reality, stop and look at it carefully; very few people wonder what it hides behind it, the dark side. In Harajuku, the fashionable and colorful district of Tokyo, the darkness of existence is called "Yami Kawaii" and it is a purely fashionable subculture, which combines pastel-colored dresses with psyche disorders, or rather a visual representation of them.

Pop Culture, Yami Kawaii, Harajuku, Samantha Sisto

Umaibō うまい棒 the Japanese Snack among the most popular in the world



I'm sure many of you will know it, it's often the protagonist in films, drama and especially anime. A really cheap snack that you won't want to stop eating.
The product was created in 1979 with a different name, but in the form and idea that we find today. They wanted to create a snack aimed especially at young people that had a really low price. And so it was if you think that usually these snacks are sold individually around 10-12 yen, they are corn based bars but you'll often see bags on offer with multiple bars of different flavors.

Pop Culture, Umaibō, Mauro Piacentini

One of the most loved arcades by the Japanese: Ufo catcher

ufo 1

Japanese arcades are full of them, even in the larger ones there are entire floors reserved for them. You can really win everything from small toys, figures (among other models just released), clothes, things to eat, in short, really everything.
The UFO catcher is a structure where prizes are placed, to obtain them the player must be able to drop them into an opening, using a mechanical arm or claw crane, which can be controlled via a series of levers and buttons.
The concept of the game is therefore elementary: insert the coin, move the mechanical arm, wait for it to claw the desired object and observe it as it is transported and dropped into the collection area.

Pop Culture, Ufo catcher, Samantha Sisto

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