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The Art of Arimatsu Shibori 有松しぼり: An Ancient Fabric Dyeing Technique

Arimatsu Shibori

The Arimatsu Shibori 有松しぼり(有松絞) is a fabric dyeing technique that originates in the city of Arimatsu, located about 20 minutes by train from Nagoya station. This technique, which dates back over 400 years, is renowned for its skill and craftsmanship. A tradition from the past that finds multiple applications even today.

Arimatsu Shibori, Arts & Craft

Momoko Kuroda 黒田 杏子 : The haiku 俳句 in the present day

Momoko Kuroda 1

In this articleI would like to propose to you,with a short deepening on her works,  a japanese artistic-literary character in the japanese culure panorama. A creator is still alive but that unfortunately, except in the environment and haiku circles,  is little known and less talked about than she should: Momoko Kuroda 黒 田 杏子.


Arts, Momoko Kuroda, haiku, Samantha Sisto

Yu Yamauchi 攝影作品 The Dawn Photographer

Yu YamauchiYu Yamauchi 攝影 作品 is a self-taught Japanese artist who has made photography into an art and has created a somewhat particular project that has that hint of "life's enterprise". Who he is and above all let's discover his project together.He is not a rookie, with his works he has already been noticed by critics and has also managed to win international awards and recognitions including New Cosmos of Photography (Japan 2008) and the International Photography Award in Fine Art (USA 2009 ).

Arts, Yu Yamauchi, photographer, Samantha Sisto

Invisible Machinery the Artistic Project of Toru Ukai 鵜養 透

Invisible machinery 3

Toru Ukai 鵜養 透 is a Japanese photographer, from Tokyo, active since 1985 and known in much of Europe (Poland, Belgium, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland) where he has exhibited in numerous photo exhibitions, festivals and magazines. He won an award in the seventh edition of "New Cosmos of Photography", and in an oltralpe magazine, a few years ago, he published a photo book of his artistic project: "Invisible machinery

Arts, Toru Ukai, Samantha Sisto

Kirie 切り絵, The Art of Paper Crafting

kirie taglio carta

 Nahoko Kojima, does the name tell you something? If the answer is 'no', let me introduce she to you. She is a Japanese artist who has been working for eleven years, but she started as a child, with the most common, fragile and delicate instrument at the same time: paper.

Kirie, Arts, Samantha Sisto

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