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[Review] Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Live Action

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso poster

Live Action of the famous anime and manga work that has thrilled fans in recent seasons. The story of music, love and adolescence of 4 young boys in the prime of their adolescence.

Returning from my last trip to Japan, during the long crossing, I spent some time looking at the videos and films available, and while browsing the list with great surprise (and certainly pleasure) there was the live action of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘). I've been following the anime for the past few seasons, I've read the manga, so I was excited to be able to watch this adaptation with real characters.

For those unfamiliar with this series (I think there are few of them) the plot tells the story of Kousei Arima, a prodigy ex pianist since he was very small, until his mother's death, following which he became unable to play, cutting him off from the world some music. The meeting with the violinist Kawori Miyazono will bring a total upheaval in his life. The girl is bubbly, careless, a personality overflowing with energy and joie de vivre (even if this hides a tragic secret), which will involve the protagonist and her 2 friends.

Live Action already had many expectations, preceded by an anime broadcast in the 2014/2015 winter season, with 22 episodes and a manga that began in 2011 in the Monthly Shōnen Magazine which saw the release of 11 volumes when it had a its release on manga volume.


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso poster



Unfortunately, the result is not the best. There are various elements that have contributed to lower and worse what could have been an incredible Live. It is true that a live transposition of an anime or manga series is always difficult, being able to satisfy the fans who have already created themselves is always complicated, and there will always be conflicting opinions. But I'm sure that those who have followed the series and read the manga will agree with me that much, much better could have been done.

Let's start with the characters. The chosen actors are young, cute, but they are distant from both the look and the character of the animated characters. I know it's always difficult to find actors who match the characters they will have to play, expectations are always high, especially for those who loved the anime series and the manga.



                 Kaori Miyazono Suzu Hirose               Kosei Arima Kento Yamazaki


      Ryota Watari Taishi Nakagawa             Tsubaki Sawabe Anna Ishii


As far as the performance of the Live is concerned, here are some notes as well. I understand that unlike an anime or a manga that has time available to develop the plot, a film or a Live must condense and show only some elements of the work. But the problem lies right here. There are important parts that have been skipped, others poorly developed and little. Some leaps in the narrative catch the eye too much, elements that would make the story better understood or that would make it more fluid are missing or worse.

Following other people who are passionate about this series, I received the same notes, what most disappointed is the style of the narrative, it sometimes makes it difficult to understand why some parts. For those who have never seen the anime, or read the manga, I don't know if they might like it, but who knows I could be wrong :) ... let me know yours.


Shigatsu wa kimi no uso




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