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The kotatsu 炬燵 Your Warm Partner in the Cold Japan

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 Kotatsu 炬 燵 is really Your Warm Partner in the Cold Japan that can be find in all Japanese home. You can use it in cold autumns and expecially in the winters, practically Know from evryone in Japan, but in all over the world too, it is not only part of the furniture, but it is much more

 The Kotatsu is so rooted in Japanese culture, that you can't imagine how "old" it can be, in fact we can find the first signs of its appearance already in the Muromachi period, that period that goes from 1336 to 1573 a.c.

From a simple intuition, the embryo of this table is born, what would happen if we covered the heat source with a "blanket"? At the time, the only warm place available to people was either the chimneys, or the spaces used to cook, called irori 囲 炉 裏, which many of you have seen or heard of.


irori giappone


The Modern structure, on the other hand, is very simple, in practice it consists of only 3 parts: the table, the unit that heats up, and a sort of light futon or a plaid.
The latter can be of various sizes, not only according to the combined table, but above all based on the area that you want to cover. In fact you'll find some Kotatsu with short plaids and other long ones that slide on the floor. 


 kotatsu giappone tavolo4


The wooden table has a double structure, the base with the heating part is installed (a mini electric heater), and the top that is placed on the plaid. As it is conceived the table can be used in any season, without plaid, just remove it, and fix the top to the table (there are screws below that hold it). How do you see a multi-functional furniture :)


kotatsu giappone tavolo


Nowadays today only nominate it to whoever loves Japan, evryone will tell you what it is, where it is and how to use it, and this thanks to its presence in every type of work: literary, television (films and drama), manga and anime that was produced. Classic is the scene where you slip into it, and you end up being soothed by the warmth, in fact many people stretch out under the Kotatsu for the classic nap :D


kotatsu giappone tavolo3


And what about you? have you ever tried it? most of you think so, and I'm sure they let themselves go to that warm relaxation. To be added, the classic "pairing" with mikan (み か iapponesi Japanese mandarins) to eat while sitting in warmth.

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